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It's Time to GLOW

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Good day! It's year 2020 and we're in quarantine, practicing social distancing. Many of us want to press the restart button to this year or fast forward to 2021. I, however, have found that this time is precisely what I needed to get back to what God had intended for me to do some time ago. GLOW was established in November 2017. I started off strong but as time went on the business became a distant thought. Today, I went and found my original journal of ideas, thoughts, and plans for GLOW and was reminded of the God given dream and purpose that this organization represents.

I wrote...

I had a dream of a women's group not associated with any church or particular ministry. A mixed group of women who would be there to support and encourage one another. An open group that would allow all women to partake regardless of spiritual belief. Although GLOW stands on biblical principles it is our mission to cultivate a warm, open, and loving environment for a diverse group of women. They will know us by our love. Not how well we know the Bible, how often we go to church, or the title we may hold, but how we treat someone with different viewpoints of our own.

I chose the name GLOW because I believe one of the greatest compliments a woman can receive is, "You're glowing!" The compliment signifies that there's an inner light of joy, peace, and love that radiates from the inside out. Since GLOW is such a common word I wanted it to be an acronym. I believe every woman should GLOW: Grow, Learn, & Own Womanhood. Grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Learn through self reflection and stepping out of familiar territory, but most importantly own the woman she is during the process.

Three years later, I'm ready to see this organization flourish to be what God had intended when He first entrusted me with this vision. I'm excited for the manifestation of His word and promise. Are you ready?! It's time to GLOW!

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